Genealogical Services and

- Brick walls
- Pacific Northwest Region
- Utilizing DNA to establish kinship
- Family tree construction
- Locating burial and cemetery records
- Cemetery survey
- Document retrieval
- Family history interviews and transcription
- Family history formatting and preservation
- Document and artifact preservation
- Coaching
- Location of living relatives

Genealogical Research

Family tree construction, proving or disproving family lore, establishing heirs, discovering final resting places, and more.

Family History Compilations

This option combines pictures, family stories, family trees, and records into one beautiful book. Choose from a simple Word document all the way up to a print-on-demand book option.

Records Requests

Records retrieved from Washington state libraries, universities, and repositories upon request.

"Who was my grandfather?"

Searched census records and compared birth certificates to discover the client's real grandfather. 

"Am I really a Cowlitz descendant?"

Recovered Applications for Allotment and signed affidavits attesting to the client's Cowlitz ancestry. 

"Which county in Ireland do we come from?"

Utilized census records, ship manifests, and applications for naturalization to pinpoint where in Ireland the client's family originated. 

"Where are my grandparents buried?"

Searched cemetery records and compared them to death certificates to locate the graves of the client's grandparents. 

"How did my great uncle die? I can't find his grave or death certificate. It's like he vanished."

Searched newspaper archives to discover that the great uncle really did vanish into the woods, never to be seen again. 

"I want to create a family tree for my grandchildren. Is that something you can do?"

Created a 'fan chart' family tree suitable to be printed and framed.  

"Where was the farm my great grandparents homesteaded?"

Searched through newspaper archives and the local historical society to narrow down where the farm was, when it was in operation, and what types of produce and materials it produced. 

"We have 100 years of documents and photos. Can you help us organize, archive, and preserve them?"

Worked with the client to sort files and artifacts, discard unnecessary or duplicate files, preserve photos, documents, and artifacts, and scan photos onto their server for easy access. 

"Was my two times great grandfather a naturalized citizen?"

Uncovered naturalization applications and census records to prove citizenship. 

"Can you help me digitize all my old papers and pictures? My aunt left me a giant box and it's a mess."

Scanned photos onto a jump drive and uploaded them to her tree so that her relatives could easily access them. Touched up a few of the photos so they could be reprinted and framed. 
My name is Nicole Cohn and I am a professional genealogist, researcher, and writer living and working near Seattle, WA. After more than a decade of researching projects as a copywriter I made the leap into genealogy in 2016.

To be able to solve family mysteries for people who never thought they would know the truth is one of the great honors of my life. For me, the past is very much alive. New documents and revelations are made every day as more and more records are digitized and added to an ever-increasing network of genealogy sites. Even still, so much is offline, waiting to be discovered. I relish the chance to access off-line records just as much as I enjoy digging through the Internet to find the answers for my clients.

  • University of Oregon, B.A. in English Literature with a double minor in Political Science and Women's Studies, 2005
  • National Genealogical Society, American Genealogical Studies four-part course
  • SLIG Intermediate Foundations of Genealogy, Fall 2022
  • SLIG Fundamentals of Forensic Genealogy, Winter 2023

  • Duvall, Washington, United States